Repipe Your Old Pipes Using PEX

copper repipingDo you have to completely redo the plumbing within your home? Or, are you potentially building a brand-new home and you’re wondering whether you should use copper piping or PEX piping to get the job done. This is a serious question and it needs to be treated as such.

Important Note: If you need to make foundation repairs. You may also want to talk to an under slab plumbing repair contractors to determine the impact to the plumbing system when leveling the house.

We would like to discuss and we want you to see the full benefits and reasons why we feel this is the superior option. Replacement pipe using PEX. We feel that this is the ideal way to repipe your home, Let’s take a look.

3 Reasons to Repipe Using PEX

There are many reasons to repipe using PEX. Some of our favorite reasons include:

  • Piping flexibility – one of the best things about using PEX piping as opposed to copper piping is the fact that it is incredibly flexible. You can shape the pipe, bend it and twist it to your will. You can literally flex this pipe in any direction that you desire. Obviously there is going to be a breaking point, and that needs to be taken into consideration when using it for repiping, but ultimately using PEX piping is the smart choice because of its flexibility.
  • PEX piping is incredibly durable – we also like PEX piping as opposed to copper piping because it is also very durable. There is no question that copper pipe is very strong, but in our opinion PEX piping is actually stronger. You’ll have to worry about your pipe springing a leak a lot less with PEX piping as opposed to copper. So that’s another reason why you should consider repiping using PEX.
  • Low-cost and easy to install – finally, we love PEX piping because it does not cost a lot of money when compared to copper and it is very easy to install. You literally get the best of all worlds when using PEX piping.

Begin repiping using PEX today. Tips: If you plumber or foundation contractor determines you have a sewer line problem. Search online for an expert at tunneling under house slab for sewer pipe replacement.

Homeowner’s may also need to consult with an experienced tunneling company that offers hand digging and trenching services if they need to replace a sewer line from the house to the main. Trenches can also be excavated to assist plumbers re-route piping too.